Space Time Diagram

Space Time Diagram with the horizontal plane “Space in Feet” at the bottom of page and the “Time in Seconds” on the vertical axis, for the Battery powered Total System video on the surface tension of water where you see the front end of my truck and the water below in my driveway. The website displays many systems moving the earth’s gravitational field, on a flat level tabletop in that system weights 65 pounds moving from eccentric mass load in a direction that is constant. Emmy Nother’s Conservation of Angular Momentum Law is for symmetrical operations “only” about a center axis of rotation. The patents on move in a direction that is constant from supersymmetric rotor armatures implementation of 4-Phase Motor Generator Device. Emmy Noether’s Conservation of Angular Momentum is out of date as she did not have the opportunity to examine

Effects of the Higgs

The Effects of the Higgs Field in Space with mass accelerating straight line or rotational. Circled 1 Rockets in space accelerating a room in space upwards with rocket propulsion; a motor rotating the Man in this room in space inside the center of the room with his arms outstretched with round weights in each hand, due to the rotation of the room an apple on a string is hanging diagonally from the center of the ceiling of this room, towards the wall as this room rotates. Circled 2 is a drawing of the man bringing one arm down resulting in the arm with the weight move the Man towards the outside wall of this room. Circled 3 displays apple still hanging at an angle due to rotation of the room and the man has his back on the exterior wall of the room, the room is no longer traveling straight line as the weight of the man no longer allows straight line acceleration upwards instead a wavy path upwards result in the HIGGS FIELD that the Universe lives in. Circle 4 the motor is shut off and the room is no longer rotating, the man in the room takes the weights off his hands that are now on the floor of the room and the apple is hanging straight down due to the rocket’s propulsion. Circle 5 displays the rockets propulsion are now shut off, without acceleration in the HIGGS FIELD in space, the apple, the man, and his weights float inside the room.

Translational Force Generator

Translational Force Generator-Direct Current system. FIG.1 displays 2 each eccentric mass load systems direct current Quadrupole Systems. FIG.2 displays the polarity on the stator wall and the polarity on each Armature. FIG-3 is the timing gears to keep the eccentric mass loads timed together as one is rotating clockwise and the other eccentric mass load system counterclockwise to keep the eccentric mass load in this drawing to the right in this drawing. FIG.8 is an electrical wiring diagram that is a 12-lead delta Y for the Stator Walls. The square box on the bottom left area of this page displays the eccentric mass load upon the center axis of rotation mathematically.

Symmetry Versus Asymmetry

From left to right Invariance Symmetry that displays distance from center axis, this is a representation of Emmy Noether’s Law Conservation of Angular Momentum as distance “a” being the same distance from the center axis of rotation.

The next 2nd drawing in the center of the page on the top is X=X is symmetry, Amplitude and frequency are equal symmetrical operation, below drawing is X>Y where X is a greater distance than Y thus Amplitude and frequency are not equal, and this is a Asymmetrical operation.

To the right of the page is Axis of rotation of system and the four armatures display the eccentric mass load of each armature on the right side of the center axis of rotation, and the eccentric mass load that displays the Force arrow and the direction this system travels in a direction that is constant.