Thomas L Navarro

I, Thomas L Navarro would like to assist Karman Plus with moving payloads in space using the systems that move payloads in the earths gravitational field, tabletop, surface tension of water, submarine in water, please go to to observe many systems moving from eccentric mass load about a center axis of rotation. These systems can move payloads in space as the entire universe lives in the Higgs field that gives mass its properties. Karman Plus is setting up in Colorado and plans to start Asteroid mining for Presious metals and alloys and my new patent systems would be very useful to move payloads in space with electrical energy instead of rocket propulsion.

I can get started with a bidding process for Industrial Motors & Machining, Inc. for fabrication and wiring as we can use existing motors, stator walls and armatures in stock and we just have to wire for 4-Phase Motor Generator FIG.1 and fabricate and machine 4 armatures inside of stator wall on FIG.5.

We need funding for work to start and I can set up a meeting with Industrial Motors & Machining, Inc. to get a approximation of how much funding and fabrication of Patent No. 63/419,373.

The new Patent takes the lead in moving payloads in space without rocket propulsion, and of course the by using my new Patent No. 63/419,373, is more efficient than the standard single phase, two phase, and 3 phase electrical power used today.

This new patent will generate more force for motion in the direction of 180 degrees, and will be of considerable use in moving payloads in space using the Higgs field that the entire universe lives in.

This new patent can be useful to move satellites in space, payloads in space using electric power instead of rocket propulsion. Examples would be Mining the asteroids for precious metals etc. The most useful purpose would be to assist in He3 Lunar Mining. The patent will also help with Global Warming as it is more efficient than the 3-phase, 2-phase, and 1-phase electric power in use today. It can also be used to deal with the space junk problem as it can move in the earths gravitational field as well as the Higgs field that the entire universe lives in. It can also be used for Asteroid mining and moving payloads in space can also be used to assist with He3 Lunar Mining.

Zachary my son and Tiffany my daughter are co-inventors on this new patent. Joshua Hollingsworth is on Congressman Jason Crow’s staff, and I have been corresponding with him on this new Patent.

I also want to add a new member to the website as we have worked together on my patents and he was also posted on the older websites.

Joseph Alen DiPentino MS
Director of Executive and Corporate Acquisitions
Assistant Director to Thomas L. Navarro
VP Program Management and Project Systems Analysis


Webster University
Master of Science – Space Systems Operations
Acquisitions and Program Management
Graduated May 2004

Metropolitan State University
Bachelors of Science – Aerospace Science – Aviation Technology
Professional, Commercial Pilot and Ground Instr