Mass System 10

The Higgs boson is important in the Standard Model because it implies the existence of a Higgs field, an otherwise invisible field of energy which pervades the entire universe.  Without the Higgs field, the elementary particles that make up you, me, and the visible universe would have no mass.  Without the Higgs field mass could not be constructed and nothing could be.

Mass System 4

The Pseudo Gravity is Einstein’s Equivalence Principle where the effects of gravitation are indistinguishable to the effects of acceleration.

The clockwise displays eccentric mass load system, the reason for the two systems one clockwise and the other counterclockwise is to end up with the eccentric mass load systems is for straight line motion of this system.

Mass System

The second 0=180 degrees demonstrates the “eccentric load” of mass accelerating clock wise to the 180 degree area with the “eccentric load” of mass furthest from the center axis, as illustrated by distance “B”